James Bo Founder and CEO

James Bo is the Founder and President of Washon Group, Inc. ( was BusinessObject Solutions, Inc. (BOS)) which is an IT and business service company recently found Washon Innostars which is a startup coaching and incubating company, Washon Capital which is angel investment fund for big health and smart technology and International Applied Technology Research Institute which focuses on research and learning of high-tech industrial transformation in the US and globally. He has successfully organized six startup competitions and supported multiple startup competitions past over a couple of year. He has over twenty years of development and management experience. Mr. Bo obtained his bachelor’s degree and an M.S. in Engineering Mechanics from Tsinghua University in Beijing and has an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He currently is involved in over 10 startups as advisor or founding partner.


Gufeng Xu – Vice President

Graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China. After being Postdoc and Research Scientist engaged in tumor molecular biology and preclinical treatment research in the Baylor College of Medicine, he immigrated to the United States as an alien with “extraordinary abilities” in Science and Technology. Xu is the former president of China Association of Professionals in Science and Technology in 2013-14. Have been judge at Houston Engineering and Science Fair, Rice Alliance Life Science Forum and reviewer of several professional journals, Dr. Xu found R Bros Consulting Group, LLC., engaged in biomedical technology transfer and industrialization project operations, for the US science and technology innovation enterprises and science and technology enterprise project agent broker. He also engaged in biomedical technology and business consulting work. Dr. Xu is currently the chief executive officer of R Bros Consulting Group, LLC. As Overseas Exchange Association vice president of Jiangsu & Anhui Province, Anhui Overseas Chinese Federation members, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone “talent consultant.”


Shelley Fu – Vice President

Ms. Shelley Fu is also Vice President of International Applied Technology Research Institute and was a Senior Data Scientist of the World Bank. She has been a frequent speaker for many well known big data and business events across the world. She has 30 years experiences in database design, data analysis, data administration and quality control. She was in charge of major World Bank databases to ensure high quality data processes and outputs for World Bank print and electronic publications/ products, many of which are part of the Open Data Initiative, and consequently, highly visible by the world like the World Development Indicators. She is also manager for the Open Data Mobile Apps for the World Bank.


Yunming Song – Vice President

Dr. Yunming Song is Chairman of Chinese Association for Science and Technology in USA, Vice President of Washington China Chamber of Commerce, and President of the International Applied Technology Research Institute. He graduated and earned his Ph.D. degree of Communication and Electronic Systems at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1996, and also worked as a Guest Researcher at NIST from 1998 to 2000 and as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Siemens AG, Germany from 1996 to 1997. 2013-2015 International Conference for Science and Technology Exchanges, Collaboration and Development was co-hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology (JAST) and Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA (CAST-USA), respectively. Each Conference gathered more than 400 overseas science and technology projects, invited more than 100 overseas talents to attend the meeting and invited the Nobel Prize winners of different disciplines to make keynote speeches. In 2015, as the President of CAST-USA, Wuhan high-level talents innovation exchange conference was co-organized by China talent market in Wuhan and CAST-USA, while actively assisting a series of other activities.


Jason Wang CTO

Mr. Wang isVice President of International Applied Technology Research Institute. Mr. Wang is the founder of two tech companies, an system architect and expert of health IT, cloud computing and bid data as well as specialized risk assessment for health IT with 15 years of project management experience.




Liyan Zhang – Technical Director

Dr. Zhang Liyan is currently the director of the network technology department of Kezhen Communication (the top three global network) and vice president of the Greater Washington Science and Technology and Network Association. He has nearly 20 years of communications and Internet work experience, nineties in the United States Bell Labs as a senior researcher, specializing in optical fiber communication and systems, network. In the last twelve years in the town of communications planning, construction and operation of one of the world’s largest network. Dr. Zhang was admitted to China University of Science and Technology in 1979 and graduated to teach, is a full range of high-tech and network technology experts.


Lianne Lee – Director of Administration

Ms. Lianne Lee has been Board of Director, Vice President and President of several China, Hong Kong and US companies. She has over 20 years of experience with consulting, real estate and management.