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Thank you for your interest in Washon Innostarts. You may use the following form to submit a business plan to our attention.

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Please upload your business plan and supporting documents. Such as .DOCX, .PPTX, .PDF. If you have multiple documents, please zip into one file.

Business plan elements tips

Prepare to submit a business plan Please include the following in the proposal:

  • Company Profile: including company name, development history, ideas and objectives, products or services, and major shareholders.
  • Products and services: the core products or services, the competitive advantage in the market.
  • Market Analysis: Including the overall market size of the industry, the company’s market share, market position, market competition and their respective advantages.
  • Management strategy : Development status and objectives planning, operational cycle and implementation plan, objectives and resource requirements in the various stages of development.
  • Management team: the company’s management structure, founder(s), the main management and key technical members.
  • Financial data: lists key financial factors, financial indicators and key financial statements; financial projections and related sales forecasts.
  • Financing needs: one to two years of financing plan, including the amount of funds required and the use of instructions.